Nigerian arrested for forcing Cebu cop to perform oral sex on him

The shopping mall where the Nigerian was arrested after trying to force an off-duty cop to perform oral sex on him.

A Nigerian was arrested at a Cebu shopping mall after he allegedly tried to force a to perform oral sex on him inside a men’s room.

The suspect, 30-year-old Ghukmelie Ezeal, allegedly was not aware that the man whom he tried to sexually abuse was Inspector Eugenio Bacalso Teves.

Ezeal allegedly grabbed the head of Teves, a resident of Barangay Labangon and assigned at Fuente police station, and tried to force him to perform oral sex on him.

Ezeal was eventually arrested and will be facing a string of criminal charges.

The incident happened when both of them were inside the men’s room of a parking area near the terrace at the Cebu Business Park past 6pm last Sunday (February 22, 2015).

In an interview, Teves said Ezeal – a temporary resident of the Missionary in Barangay Talamban – was already in the toilet when he got inside. He was standing in front of the urinal bowl.

This prompted Teves to tell him “sorry” when he opened the toilet’s door. Teves then proceeded to another bowl inside the same men’s room and urinated.

Tevez said that when he tried to leave the room, Ezeal grabbed his head and pulled it down towards his crotch.

Teves was dressed in civilian attire said he resisted but admitted that his lips “almost touched” Ezeal’s private parts. “Duol na jud kaayo”, (almost there) he told The Inquirer.

Teves then introduced himself as a police officer, prompting Ezael to curse him. “You’re a monkey,” Tevez quoted Ezael as saying.

Ezael is 6’3″ and Teves is 5’4″ in height. Teves was overpowered during the attack. Ezael then ran out of the men’s room and into the mall and he was eventually arrested by security guards who helped Teves.

He said he would coordinate with the Bureau of Immigration to have Ezeal eventually to his country.

Chief Inspector Weldimar Tui, chief of the Fuente police station said they would file complaints of grave oral defamation, direct assault, acts of lasciviousness, resistance and disobedience to an agent of person in authority against Ezael.

When Ezeal was brought to the Mabolo police station, he apologised to Teves but the latter was firm in pressing charges against the Nigerian.

Tui warned who thought they could get away with acts such as Ezeal’s: “They should not do it here.”

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