New Zealander charged for slapping jealous girlfriend during argument

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New Zealander Charged for Abusing Pinay Girlfriend in Davao City – (stock photo)

A New Zealand man will face charges at court for abusing his girlfriend in Davao City. 

James Leonard Tu is charged with violation of RA 9262 after allegedly hitting and physically abusing his girlfriend Amielinda Vinzon Romino.


A formal complaint says that Tu and Romino met on an internet dating site in mid-July.

Tu flew to the Philippines on August 1 and met the girl at Big Apple Hotel in Damosa where the two consummated their relationship.

But Romino says that on August 4 a heated argument ensued between them as she discovered that Tu was meeting another Filipina in town.


Tu and Rominio met later for her birthday the following day and watched a movie together. But on August 9, Tu allegedly became mad due to a mistaken order delivered by the hotel staff. He also invited Romino to his hotel room for dinner and she refused.

Tu left Romino and went to his room upset, she followed him and confronted him about his display of anger, that’s when she says Tue slapped her.

The formal complaint against Tu included a medical certificate of the victim showing that she suffered bruises with a healing time of seven days or more.

Davao City prosecutors found probable cause to indict Tu in violation of RA 9262 for causing harm to a woman who he had a sexual relationship with.