New Zealand couple discover severed head on Fiji beach


A New Zealand couple were walking on the popular Fiji Natadola Beach when they made a gruesome discovery.

The NZ couple had travelled to Fiji for a week-long vacation and to attend a rugby match.


While walking the beach-line on Monday morning the couple discovered a floating container in the shallows of the water. When they retrieved it they discovered it had been filled with rocks. Knowing about the murder of two Russians on Fiji last month and additional discoveries of body parts floating in containers, the couple called police.

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New Zealand Couple Discover Severed Head on Fiji Beach –

Inside, the police discovered a severed head, similar to the tied bundles that washed ashore in late June – one bundle contained two pairs of feet.

Police say they are certain the head and the feet of Yuri and Natalia Shipulin, a Russian couple who went missing from their farm on the main island of Viti Levu last month.


Police say all the bundles are tied in the same manner, using the same nylon rope.

A report on the incident shows that the Russian couple were struggling to pay their bills after their farm was severely damaged by Cyclone Winston in February.

The storm caused widespread damage, killing dozens and leveling much of the island nation with 177 mph winds – the storm is the strongest recorded storm in Fiji history.

The Russian couple had moved to the island about five years ago. Both were in their late 40s, and had been living in a converted shipping container home, growing fruits, vegetables and other items which they sold to resorts and local markets.

The couple had taken on a business partner, he was the one who reported them missing. The couple’s car was later discovered on Natadola Beach with the keys still in the ignition.

Police say divers plan to scour the entire area in search of additional evidence.

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