New York teen Catches 1,058-lb blue marlin off Kona, Hawaii

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NY Teen Catches 1,058-lb. Marlin off Kona, Hawaii – AMAZING!!! –

A 16-year-old New York boy spent 7 hours with helpers to reel in a winner off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. The prize catch – a 1,058 pound Blue Marlin, measuring a massive 11 feet long from jaw to tail.

Koya Rizzuto from Brooklyn, New York is the proud owner of this mega-catch. The catch happened February 18 while off the coast of Kona in a 45-foot-long Monterey boat.

Catching a 1,000 pound marlin is extremely rare, happening only a few times a year, if that – but this whopper is not the king of blue marlins as a 1,560 pound behemoth was reeled in by Alfred Glassell in Cabo Blanco, off the coast of Peru, in 1953.

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