New rules make it tougher for foreigners to find work in the Philippines

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Tougher Rules for Foreigners Seeking Work in the Philippines – Just Wait For the Kicker, Nobody’s Laughing – Photo by –

DOLE, or the Department of Labor will make it tougher for foreigners to take work in the Philippines.

For foreigners seeking work within the Philippines, DOLE has decided to perform a market test to see if any locals are able, willing or seeking the same job within the country.


Applicants for alien employment permits will now undergo a strict labour market test to seek out qualified Filipinos who can do the job instead.

Secretary Rosalina Boldoz said in a press release: “A more stringent procedure for the issuance of AEP has been put in place under DO (Department Order) 146-15 to ensure that Filipino workers are given the priority in filling up positions that are well within their skills and competence”

Before the position is given to a foreigner a publication via a newspaper or general circulation will be made public to let the Filipino community know that the job is being given to a foreign national. But wait, there’s a kicker to all this…


Any Filipino who is said to be competent, able or willing to accept the job can ‘object to the granting of the permit to any foreign national’. I already smell the rat before I even suspect there is a carcass.

To make matters even worse – the foreigner who is about to receive the job will also have his name, position, employer, address and a description of his job being performed – the post will also list his job qualifications, monthly salary and other benefits – wow, your kidding me right?

To add insult to injury, the application and the information will be posted online for 30 days.

The notice both online and in print will contain a statement indicating that any Filipino who is “competent, able and willing” to perform the job can object to the granting of the permit to the foreigner.

All those who ‘object’ to the application of the foreign national will have 30 days after the publication to submit the proper documentation.

If an objection is noted, DOLE will then look into the matter and seek out those who are qualified to take the job away from the foreign national.

Foreigners who are not exempt from filing the application – but are working within the country without the said permit will be fined 10,000 pesos a year. The employer will also be fined 10,000 pesos for allowing the hiring of such undocumented workers.