New retirement visa coming to Cambodia

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New Retirement Visa Coming to Cambodia –

A new retiree visa is about to be released in Cambodia.

The new visa will require proof of financial stability and documentation proving retiree status from the applicant’s home country.


What’s different from the old ‘Business Visas’ for retirees from the past, officially noted as “Category E” visas, the new retirement visa will be known as “Category ER.”

The Category ER visa will be good for up to one year and ‘will not’ require a work permit.

Though no ownership of land or houses will change, the new visa is said to help the immigration department keep track of those retirees without having to look or know if the expat is actually living on a business visa.


Expats already living in Cambodia on a business visa will not need to switch to the new visa type. The option to switch is available if needed.

Cambodia has in the past allowed expats to live in the country indefinitely by renewing their business visas every 12 months. That renewal has always been allowed even if they are employed in the country or not.

Work permits are now officially required in the country, in addition to business visas – however, no enforcement has been regulated since its inception.