New police chief vows crackdown on corrupt, inefficient and lazy cops

police chief
New PNP chief Oscar Albayalde has vowed to get tough on erring cops.

The new chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) has announced a zero-tolerance policy on misbehaving cops. 

Director General Oscar Albayalde warned today (Monday, April 23) that officers could even expect the sack if they were found to be inefficient or lax.


During a press briefing at the Camp Crame police headquarters, he said: “Those who are rude to complainants. The complainant is asking for a spot report or blotter copy but they do not get one because there is no investigator in charge. 

“These are the things that we want to be changed, want to improve on. 

“If somebody tells us that one complainant came to a station and our policemen told them that there is no gasoline, investigator or chief police, they will be sacked and we will investigate on them with suspension being the minimum sanction. 


We promise you that as a way to reform our police on the ground who do not change their ways.”

The newly sworn-in chief said he would also go after officers who commit minor violations such as not wearing helmets while riding motorcycles or texting while at work.

“This is not just about illegal acts. Even those who are not wearing helmets even the minor offences will be looked into. These are what we call the small things. But my question is if these are small things, why can’t our policemen do it?”

He added that he not only did he plan to clear out the “misguided souls” in the force but also wanted change the attitude and culture of the PNP.

The drive home his point, he cited the dismissal of 279 policemen, suspension of 825 and demotion of 99 during his time as boss of the Metro Manila force.

He also said that he transferred 365 erring officers to dangerous postings in Mindanao and filed at least 1,700 cases against rogue cops.

“How can you say that was rhetoric?” He asked, rhetorically.

The new police chief replaced Director General Ronald dela Rosa last week and has vowed to continue his “low-key but stern kind of leadership”.