Human traffickers pass off female victims as professional boxers on tour

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New Human Trafficking Modus Uncovered at NAIA –

A new human trafficking ploy has been uncovered at NAIA. Authorities said that syndicates are now taking victims out of the Philippines by pretending they are boxers.

The ploy was uncovered by the Bureau of Immigration when they apprehended a 30-year-old man suspected as working as a courier for a syndicate engaged in human trafficking to the Middle East.


30-year-old Rexsan Naval Godala was intercepted at NAIA before he and two of his victims were about to board a flight for Bangkok aboard Thai Airways.

The courier originally introduced himself as a professional boxing trainer who was escorting two boxers to the Middle East. The two were wearing sports jerseys with the Philippines flag logo on them.

Authorities checked his Games and Amusement Board License and letter of authority only to discover it was fake.


The two victims in the case later confessed to authorities that once they landed in Bangkok they would catch a flight to Dubai where they both were already hired as a maid and waitress.

Officials later learned this is not the first time Godala was seen accompanying Filipinas posing as boxers on his trips abroad.

The Bureau of Immigration later said he had previously taken five women out of the country and posed them to immigration as boxers. That same investigation showed that the women never returned to the Philippines.

Godala is currently being held by the Inter-Agency Against Trafficking for further investigation and filing of proper criminal charges.