New electronic travel document needed to visit Canada



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Filipinos Studying and Working in Canada Must File Electronic Travel Document Before Entering Canada or Be Denied Entry –

For Filipinos and all foreigners entering Canada via air-travel will now face a new requirement – the eTA or Electronic Travel Authorisation document.


The new travel document applies to most passengers who are studying or working within the country and applies to those whose country does not require a visa to enter Canada.

Beginning March 1, 2016, travelers will be required to submit their bio-data, passport and other personal information via the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website. The site will pre-screen applicants, those who do not file the appropriate travel document online will be denied entry.

Those working or attending school in Canada may apply via the online application starting August 1, 2015.


The Canadian Immigration Department submitted the following information for future applicants: “Providing the information required by these amendments will allow Canada to determine the admissibility of foreign nationals before they arrive at the border and whether their travel poses migration or security risks.

“The eTA system will enhance data-gathering capacity, improve intelligence, close the gap on the lack of information that is provided for commercial aviation inbound traffic, and more generally to enforce the visa programme.”

The cost of the eTA application will be $7 (or about 275 pesos) and is valid for five years or whenever your passport expires, whichever applies first.

The enrollment period aims to give travelers time to learn about eTA and to get their authorisation before it becomes mandatory in March 2016.

Those exempt from the eTA requirements include the following:

Royal Family members
American Citizens
Commercial Aircrew Members
Visitors with Valid Visas
Passengers in transit through Canada
French Citizens who are residents of St Pierre or Miquelon
Those arriving in Canada on an unexpected or emergency landing

Canadian Border Patrol officers may at any time cancel an eTA if the traveler is deemed inadmissible. Several reasons for denial include health issues such as having tuberculosis or if your name matches a watch list for war crimes, espionage, criminality and other health issues that threaten the security of Canada and its citizens.