New COVID-19 cases in PH down by 11%

The number of new recorded in the country has dropped by 11% in the past seven days.

According to Dr. Guido David of OCTA Research the country has recorded only 8,246 average cases of the disease in the past week.

He said this is 11% lower compared to the previous average of 9,253 cases.

However, he clarified that it should not yet be viewed as an effect of the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) as he said the result of the existing quarantine status in the NCR Plus areas will still be seen next week.

David also explained that the recorded fluctuations or sudden increase in are also not considered a surge of disease cases, and instead are only caused by late reporting or closure of some testing centers, although t is still alarming.

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New COVID-19 cases in PH down by 11%

“I would clarify that we would not see this as a surge, of course, any increase in cases is concerning if we at the weekly average in the whole Phi­lippines. The average over the past 7 days is 8,246 — 11% lower than the pre­vious average of 9,253,” David said in an interview.

In this regard, David further reported that there has also been a downtrend or decrease in new cases of the disease in Metro Manila, which currently has a reproduction rate of 0.83.

The reproduction number refers to the number of people infected with the disease by a COVID-19 patient. He said Metro Manila recorded an average number of 3,144 new COVID-19 cases in the past week, which is 18% lower compared to last week’s 3,337 average cases.

Meanwhile, the latest monitoring report by OCTA said that the daily average of COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila may drop to 3,000 in the coming weeks if it maintains the reproduction rate at 0.85.

The Department of Health (DOH) recorded 7,255 new infections of coronavirus disease Monday, bringing the total COVID-19 cases in the Philippines to 1,062,225 outbreaks.

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