New-born baby found dumped in plastic bag survives its ordeal


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Baby Dumped in Bag Alongside Road in Philippines Hits UK News Site ‘DAILY MAIL’ – photo via Daily Mail –

In an horrific, and not unusual display of real-life in the Philippines, a tiny new-born baby was found dumped in a plastic bag on Tuesday.

A video owned by the Daily Mail shows a group a Filipinos surrounding the baby as he squirms – a women with oven style gloves picks up the baby and wraps it in cloth.


When the women picks up the baby she discovers that not only is the umbilical cord attached, so is the placenta.

The location of the discovery is as yet unknown.

The discovery is not unusual in the Philippines, and sorry to say, but this time a miracle happened and the baby survived.


In the past few weeks numerous discoveries of babies have been reported in the Philippines, many of them not alive, some even choked or killed.

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