Netflix fans say Money Heist gang ‘betrayed’ Nairobi

Fans of one of the most-viewed series Money Heist in Netflix are furious on the brutal death of Nairobi at the end of Season 4. Their conclusion: the gang betrayed Nairobi.

Money Heist fans cited instances in the series’ plot, which could have given a different outcome for Nairobi.

A sniper shot Alba Flores’ character in the chest while she was looking at her son. She was able to recover from the wound through Tokyo’s surgery skills, only be brutally murdered by the governor’s security chief Gandia.

Fans La Casa De Papel, the show’s original name, has suggested scenes that could have saved Nairobi’s life. They also gave some points on how the rest of the gang, including the Professor, has betrayed Nairobi.

Netflix fans say Money Heist gang ‘betrayed’ Nairobi

One Reddit user flagged this and posted her plea, which stated: “You have to get me out of here.”

She then added: “Tokyo… just give me up to the , please. Please. Get me out.” Nairobi pleaded to Tokyo to give her to the police so she could have an operation. However, Palermo insisted she stays inside the bank. Palermo taught Gandia on how to escape his handcuffs.

One fan replied: “The Professor does so much to free Lisbon and they could have actually turned her to police and get her treated.” The Professor took so much time and resources to the love of her life while the rest of the Money Heist gang fight for their survival against Gandia.

Many others suggested that even if the character’s freedom had been restricted by being turned in, she might still have stayed alive.

So far, here are the characters who have died in La Casa de Papel:

  • Oslo—Roberto Garcia

    The first character to be offed in the Netflix show is Dimitri Mostovói, aka Oslo, the cousin of fellow Serbian immigrant and Dali-mask gang member Helsinki (Darko Peric).

  • Moscow—Paco Tous

    Moscow died while covering for Tokyo as she returns inside the Royal Mint.

  • Berlin—Pedro Alonso

Andres de Follonosa, aka Berlin, was killed by the police as he allowed the rest of the gang to escape in the tunnel.

  • Nairobi—Alba Flores

She was captured by Gandia (José Manuel Poga) in Part 4, who then shot her in the head just as he agreed to return her to the gang.

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