Negligent cop filmed playing video game has been fired in Laguna

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Cop Caught Playing Video Game in Viral Video Has Been Fired in Laguna –

A Laguna police officer has been fired after he was caught playing a video game on his cell phone instead of tending to a young lady’s complaint.

The Philippines National Police pointed out the fact that the officer was not the one handling the case of the young girl – and was only in the barangay hall to charge his cell phone.


Superintendent Reynaldo Maclang, Santa Rosa police chief, clarified that the complaint was deemed to be within the jurisdiction of the barangay which the complainant and respondent belonged to.

“The case is for barangay level and the policeman inside the barangay hall has no jurisdiction over that case, unless otherwise it will be turned over formally to the police station,” said Maclang.

Early this week, a video of a girl reporting an incident to a police station in Santa Rosa, Laguna went viral after the policeman on duty was shown busy playing games on his cell phone.


The young women went to Balibago barangay hall after being victimised by the “kyuog-bintang-nakaw” modus.

The four-minute video showed the policeman at the desk busy using his phone, and not even paying attention to the young woman seeking help.

The officer in question is PO1 Mark Ferdinand Dela Cruz Casibang – who has now been relieved of his post after the initial investigation on November 2.

The young lady, a certain Sedrey Ivan Vallejo Gabayan, uploaded the video to social media, creating a frenzy on the internet.

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