At least 4 NCR mayors want GCQ extension in Metro Manila

At least four mayors in Metro Manila favored GCQ extension in the national capital region to sustain the downtrend of -19 cases.

The 17 mayors of Metro Manila convened Sunday night to deliberate on the restrictions a few days before General Community Quarantine ends on September 30.

Mayor Toby Tiangco of Navotas City said he wants the GCQ extension because, for him, NCR is “not yet ready” to downgrade to transition to modified GCQ (MGCQ).

“Dapat matuto tayo sa nakaraan. Hindi pa ready NCR for GCQ, tapos pinilit, then bumalik lang tayo sa MECQ (modified enhanced community quarantine),” he said.

San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora, meanwhile, wanted to lower the infections even further before shifting to MGCQ.

“Under GCQ, San Juan is experiencing a steady drop in active cases. In fact, only 297 as of September 24. This means that all of our interventions to bring down the number of cases are working,” he said.

“People are also becoming more disciplined and are adjusting to imposed health protocols. I would prefer to see this number go even lower before we shift to MGCQ so as not to waste all that we have gained. Better to shift to MGCQ slowly but surely,” he added.

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At least 4 NCR mayors want GCQ extension in Metro Manila

Mayor Lino Cayetano of Taguig City said he and other mayors are recommending a GCQ extension “so we can maintain the gains on the fight versus -19 the last few weeks.”

The mayors will also “continue to evaluate how we can lift various regulations and continue to allow industries to open up,” Cayetano added.

“The NCR will always act as one as our citizens work and live across many NCR cities,” he said.

Pateros Mayor Ike Ponce favors GCQ extension “with a little more easing up of control on businesses.”

“The number of -19-positive in the NCR is still high and we really should not put down our guards otherwise all our efforts put to waste. On the other hand, we really should do all possible means to bring this ailing economy back to its prosperous form,” he said.