NAIA employees return $2,100 to owner

Two NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) employees were praised for their honesty after they returned 21 pieces of 100 Dollars left behind by a passenger.

According to the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) Administrator Usec. Raul L. Del Rosario, the money was returned by Security Screening Officers Donn Mark Rivera and Luzviminda Galivo.

Both are assigned to terminal 1 of the NAIA.

The passenger left a total of US $ 2,100 worth of money or the equivalent of P105,000 at the Final Security Screening Checkpoint at the airport.

Del Rosario said the two NAIA employees would be recognized for their honesty.

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Honest Manila airport returns $3,000 left in his cab

In 2018, a Manila airport was praised for returning $3,000 left in his cab by a returning overseas worker.

Virgilio Legaspi had flown home from his job in Saudi Arabia and caught a taxi from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

After dropping his customer at a bus station, Golden Star Gilbert Punzalan was on his way back to the NAIA when he noticed some thick white paper wedged into space next to his handbrake.

Wrapped inside the white paper were 30 $100 bills — equivalent to about 150,000 pesos. The name of the owner, Virgilio Legaspi, was written on the paper.