NAB Careers – How to Apply for Work Today


Joining NAB as an employee could turn out to be the wisest decision of your life. This is because it isn’t all about money when you are going to be a part of NAB. 

The company will help you grow and excel in your field by helping you explore your potential. If you are wondering how to apply for a job at NAB, just continue reading. 


Let’s discuss the essential aspects associated with joining NAB.  

NAB Careers - How to Apply for Work Today

About The Company

NAB (National Australia Bank) has been serving the people of Australia for the past 160 years. This organization has been assisting customers by taking care of their financial matters. 

Being the largest bank of Australia, this organization works with almost all types of businesses, including small, medium, and large organizations. 


The company relies on the dreams and ideas of the people. Being an integral part of NAB, each employee plays a critical role while achieving exceptional results

Types Of Jobs Offered

You can find a variety of roles available at NAB by searching on their “Job Search” page. As you search, you will come across both permanent and temporary job openings

It depends on your own liking and requirements as to what type of job you would prefer to apply for. Given below are some of the most prominent job roles that are usually available on NAB’s job search portal.

  • Head of Employee Relations
  • Manager, Markets Operations
  • Senior Analyst, Engineer 
  • Senior Business Banking Manager
  • Customer Advisor, Leave and Relief 
  • Manager, Performance & Reward
  • Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Payscale/Salary Info

The salary package is designed in a way that the employee can also get non-cash benefits aside from their actual pay. 

These benefits include superannuation contributions, motor vehicle leasing, free car parking, and childcare facilities.

The company believes that a little extra can make a huge difference in the end. By helping employees meet their respective needs, a strong working relationship can be easily developed.

How To Be Eligible

The eligibility criterion is mentioned with each job advertisement on the Job Search list. By reading the eligibility section carefully, you can easily ascertain whether you are a fit candidate for the role. 

The most common eligibility requirements include the following.

  • Age of the applicant 
  • Education and relevant experience of the applicant
  • No criminal record
  • Impressive verbal and written communication skills
  • Good credit history 

How To Apply

When you are wanting to apply for a job at NAB, you have to follow a simple application procedure. Although the process is simple, it can be a bit lengthy. 

The hiring process involves these essential steps:

Step 1 – After selecting a job, you have to apply for the job by clicking the “Apply” button. 

Step 2 – If the applicant meets the eligibility criteria, a recruiter will contact him/her for an initial phone interview.

Step 3 – After that, only the successful candidates will be called for the formal interview.

Step 4 – By applying a variety of testing methods, the recruiter will try to assess the abilities of an applicant.

Step 5 – The work reference will be verified by contacting the most recent employer of a candidate.

Step 6 – Before sending an offer letter to a successful candidate, the recruiter will conduct a final test. This is referred to as the probity checking, which is done to determine whether the applicant has a criminal record. The applicant is also checked for bankruptcy details. 

Step 7 – Once the recruitment procedure is over, the successful applicant will be served with an offer letter to join NAB.

Benefits You Can Get With These Jobs

The company provides a wide range of exclusive benefits for its employees. These benefits include the following.

  • Financial and banking services discounts 
  • Persuasive staff club discounts
  • Fixed-term NAB superannuation reward


NAB (National Australia Bank) is a renowned name in the Australian banking sector. If you are looking forward to joining NAB, you have to search for a specific role that meets your skills, experience, and education. 

After searching for the job, you can apply for it and go through the recruitment process. To find your dream job at NAB, just visit their official website now!