Murder-suicide in Hawaii: pinoy husband and wife dead

Murder-suicide in Hawaii pinoy husband and wife dead
A Pinoy husband and wife died in an apparent murder-suicide in Hawaii. (Image from ABS-CBN News

A Pinoy husband and wife were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in Hawaii, Honolulu emergency medical services confirmed on Saturday.

The report said the crime happened in a Kalihi care home on Thursday afternoon. Authorities are yet to identify the victims’ name and which one of them fired the shot.


According to the Honolulu Police Department, they received 911 calls of possible gunshots at the care home before 3 p.m.

“Officers arrived, and we did find a female in her mid- to late forties that was apparently wounded from a gunshot wound, so she was rushed to Queen’s Medical Center where she did expire. There was an adult male also in his mid-forties that appears lifeless,” said Capt. Robert Towne.

Police said the shooting happened at the care home’s downstairs area. They also said four other people were there when the crime occurred.


“Everything else pretty much is under investigation, and we’re still learning things as it unfolds. I just don’t want people in Kalihi to think that there is a gunman running around there right now,” Towne added.

The Department of Health licensed the Kalihi facility named the Community Care Foster Family Home.

The agency dispatched adult protective services to assist displaced patients. Fortunately, no other patients were injured in the shooting.

Authorities are still investigating the murder-suicide in Hawaii.

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