Mummified German sailor found adrift on yacht off Siargao del Sur



mummified German
The mummified remains of German sailor Manfred Fritz Bajorat found aboard his yacht. Picture courtesy of Barobo Police Station.

Last weekend’s discovery of Manfred Fritz Bajorat, found dead and mummified on his yacht off Siargao del Sur, has taken a strange turn.


The body of the 59-year-old was discovered mummified, resting in a sitting position, possibly in an attempt to call for emergency ‘mayday’ near his telephone radio.

The yacht was discovered by two young fishermen, floating some 40 miles offshore of Barabo, they boarded and found the mummified body of Bajorat – they decided to bring the boat ashore, towing it back into the deep waters of Barabo.

The yacht named “SAYO” has been noted as cruising around the world for the past 20 years, this however would be the end of the line for a lifelong dream, a final destination if you must.


Discovered partially submerged, the interior of the yacht had taken on a huge amount of water – so far authorities believe that no foul play was involved in Bajorat’s death.

Mummified by dry ocean winds

His mummified body was preserved by the salty air, dry ocean winds and the hot temperatures – police will now attempt to retrace his last voyages and find the people who he may have come in contact with.

Bajorat’s body has been taken in for an autopsy in Butuan City, the yacht was towed into police inspection and docked in Bababo.

So far an autopsy shows no signs of foul play.

Police say no weapons were onboard, and no signs of an additional person are showing inside the cabin of the yacht.

The German Embassy in Manila is working with local authorities to track down a daughter by the name of Nina, who currently is working as a captain of a freight vessel. Her photographs and family images were discovered onboard the yacht, many damaged by water.

In all, authorities believe Bajorat crisscrossed the world in a 20 year sea excursion, clocking over a half-a-million nautical miles in all.

Authorities will now attempt to find the amount of time the yacht was adrift.

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