‘Mr Obama’ caught in Moalboal fake Euro swindle

'Mr Obama' caught in Moalboal fake Euro swindle
Cameroonian Mr Obama was carrying a second passport under the name of Ayoola Kelvin Awok

Police have arrested a certain Mr Obama for exchanging fake Euro banknotes on Cebu Island.

The Cameroonian was arrested after a committing 60,000-peso swindle in Barili, Cebu.


According to Moalboal police commander Jose Rovic Villarin, the suspect was carrying two passports with different names. He refused to reveal his real identity.

One of the names was Ayoola Kelvin Awok and the other Gidson Kelvin Obama.

Before the suspect was caught in Barili on Saturday (August 26) he had approached moneychanger Cesaio Indino and asked to convert some Euros.

After conducting the exchange, he then boarded a bus for Cebu City, via Barili.


Mr Indino, who also works as a tour guide, later realised that the bills were not genuine.

He then called the Moalboal Police Station and reported the incident. Officers got in touch Barili Police Station, who arrested Mr Obama at the town’s bus station.

After the suspect was taken back to Moalboal Police Station, Mr Indino was given back his 60,000 pesos. He opted not to press charges against Mr Obama/Awok.

However, the Cameroonian was detained for holding two passports and will be passed on to the Bureau of Immigration for probable deportation.

Other reports

The swindle in Moalboal was not the first time that somebody answering to the name of Ayoola Kelvin Awok has been caught changing fake Euro notes.

According to a report in ZigZagWeekly.net, a man of that name was being hunted for the same crime committed in Baguio last month.

In this case on July 25, the suspect was identified as a Nigerian national. He made a getaway before cashiers at a hotel and a flight booking office realised he had duped them with fake notes.

The African swindler got away with 33,500 pesos.