Motorcycle kills cancer survivor, driver is drunk police

Motorcycle kills cancer survivor, driver is drunk police
A cancer survivor died in a car accident caused by drunk in Santa Ana, Manila, Saturday.

Drunk driving a motorcycle hit and killed a male cancer survivor in Santa Ana, Manila, on Saturday.

The victim was Gregorio Enriquez, 69 years old.

“Hindi ‘yan deserve ng asawa ko eh. Kasi na-survive nga niya ang cancer eh… sa isang iglap ganoon lang ang mangyayari,” said Emma, the victim’s wife.

(My husband did not deserve it. Because he survived cancer, in an instant, that’s what’s going to happen.)

Gregorio was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008 and was in remission after his operation last July.

At around 2:00 in the afternoon, a motorcycle hit Gregorio while he was crossing the street in Francisco St.

“Ang bilis talaga ng takbo ng motor kasi tumilapon ang asawa ko eh,” Emma added.

(The motorcycle was fast because my husband was thrown away.)

According to the victim’s relatives, the motorcycle driver, drunk even tried to escape.

“Lasing na lasing eh. Maingay, mayabang, parang siya pa ang galit,” Sherwin said, the victim’s son.

(He was drunk. He was noisy, arrogant; he was the one whose angry.)

Sherwin noted that people were chasing the drunk because he already hit others that day.

The suspect, Police Staff Sgt. Dennis Ryan Flores in Baseco Police Community Precinct. Police detained Flores in Police District Traffic Enforcement Unit.

“I’m very sorry,” Flores said when asked about the incident.

The victim’s family filed reckless imprudence resulting in a homicide, driving under the influence of liquor, at the failure to carry driver’s license against Flores.

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