More than 2M devotees join Traslacion of the Black Nazarene 2020


Millions of devotees sacrificed and joined the Traslacion of the 2020 today, January 9.

More than 2M devotees join Traslacion of the Black Nazarene 2020
More than 2M devotees join Traslacion of the Black Nazarene 2020. (Image from AFP/Ted Aljibe)

For many, the Nazarene is miraculous and can cure various ailments when touched.


The Black Nazarene has its procession three times annually: on January 9th (the anniversary of its transfer), Good Friday, and December 31st.

It was five o’clock in the morning when Traslacion started earlier.

Here is the crowd estimate of the Manila Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office before nine o’clock in the morning:


Cross of Black Nazarene breaks during

traslacion black nazarene cross breaks
The Black Nazarene’s cross accidentally breaks during the Traslacion 2020. (Image from Manila Public Information Office)

The Nazarene cross accidentally got broken while turning into Hidalgo.

The procession route is said to be shorter this year.

A total of 13,624 police officers were deployed to the event venue to ensure the safety of the devotees.

About 10 trucks from the Bureau of Fire Protection were on stand-by while the Philippine Coast Guard also deployed some water assets.

Meanwhile, 68 to 70 tons of waste equivalent to 14 dump trucks have been collected from the Quirino Grandstand and Luneta to Ayala Bridge, according to the Manila Department of Public Serves.

On January 3, the EcoWaste Coalition called on all devotees to stop throwing garbage everywhere during Traslacion.

According to EcoWaste, up to 47 garbage trucks were collected in 2019.

Hospitals in Code White Alert of Traslacion 2020

All hospitals in Metro Manila are now in Code White Alert in connection with the Feast of Black Nazarene Traslacion 2020.

The DOH declares code white alerts to hospitals during national events, holidays, or celebrations that could result in accidents or emergencies.

Whenever code white alerts are raised, medications, and supplies, especially in need of trauma, are always available.

Doctors also stand by for those who needed immediate medical attention.