More British companies setting up shop in the Philippines

More British Companies Setting Up Shop in the Philippines –

More British businesses are setting up shop in the Philippines due to the opportunities in economic factors as well as updated infrastructure and improving retail outlets.

Asif Anwar, UK Ambassador to the Philippines told reporters at the Great British Festival that a steady flow of investments are being made by British Companies throughout the Philippines.


The Philippines government has pushed their efforts through the Department of Trade and Industry and the Public Private Partnership Center that are organizing roadshows throughout the UK. In recent times the Philippines Tourism Industry has been promoting the country by using wrapped buses and unique advertising throughout the regions.

“We are going to take government people, Philippine investors and contractors and British companies who are here and we’ll match them with the invited guests,” Anwar said.

He said the aim is to have more companies participate in the upcoming roadshow and beat the previous one which had 250 big companies and 50 small and medium enterprises.


This year alone one of the biggest coffee brands in the UK, Costa Coffee, will open its first shop in the Philippines in 2015. Additional brands will be featured at retail outlets including mall grocery stores etc.

“There are so many opportunities. This is an exciting market because the population is a spending population,” he said.

The Great British Festival is a yearly event which showcases unique and creative items from Britain and includes fashion, music design and best of all food – The festival ended March 1 but will return next year in 2016 at approximately the same time.