Australian report says more than 260,000 Filipinos live in slavery

june 911
An Australian Report notes that Numerous Filipinos are Living in Modern Day Slavery

The Walk Free Foundation announced in its 2014 report that the Philippines still has a huge issue with modern-day slavery.

The group released its findings and has ranked the Philippines at 103 out of 167 countries in the Global Slavery Index.


The report defines slavery as people who are “subjected to forced labor, debt servitude, human trafficking, forced marriages and sexual exploitation for money”.

The Australian-based human rights group estimates that 261,200 live in modern day slavery conditions in the country.

“Filipino workers are also vulnerable to forced labour and involuntary servitude in the sex industry throughout Asia and the Middle East,” the report said.


The report also said that the Philippines has addressed some of the recommendations made in the 2013 Global Slavery Index – as a result, the Philippines has become a regional leader in victim support and protection, especially for those working overseas.

The same report ranked the response to slavery for the Philippines at 29 position out of 167 countries – a commendable ranking.