The Mindoro Mojito: A delicious cocktail with sari-sari store ingredients

The Mojito can be thrown together wherever you find yourself in the Philippines.

“Mojitos,” said the great Ernest Hemingway, “are like women’s breasts. One Mojito just can’t be enough, and three is positively ridiculous”.

At least, I think it was Hemingway who said it. Or was it Sinatra talking about martinis? Either way, the point still stands. There may be better things in the world than a well-mixed drink, but alcohol is the ultimate for not getting them.

So, today I’d like to share one of my favourite recipes which was not included in our free eBook Corner Store Cocktails… ladies and gentlemen, I present The Mojito.

8 Calamansi
Tanduay White Rum
Mint leaves
Juice of half a lemon

A classic Mojito calls for things that aren’t available in your local sari-sari store, so here’s a way to create a decent version using ingredients readily available in the provinces.

Take a tall glass filled with ice and squeeze in the calamansi and lemon. You can drop some or all of the squeezed calamansi into the glass, although you may like to strain out the seeds.

Add as much rum as you feel comfortable drinking. Once you’ve found your level, add a splash more, just for luck.

Clap the mint leaves between your hands and drop them in too. This should be done with a theatrical flourish, and maybe a little samba dance.

Finally, fill the glass to the brim with sprite.

Serve immediately, and drink before the melting ice waters down the mix. For your second mojito, follow the above. And as for the third… well, that’s up to you.

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