Milwaukee Public School teacher accused of sexually assaulting Filipina

Milwaukee Public School teacher accused of sexually assaulting Filipina
Milwaukee Public School teacher Christian Mothershead accused of sexually assaulting Filipina (Photo: LinkedIn)

Milwaukee Public School teacher was charged with two counts of human trafficking and second-degree sexual assault after luring a Filipina and her son to live with him in the United States and forcing them to his cleaners.

The Wisconsin teacher, Christian Mothershead, 46, now faces felony charges in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. He was released on bail on Tuesday but will spend 90 years in prison if convicted and pay $300,000 fine.


Mothershead was teaching Mandarin at Alexander Hamilton High School. He met the Filipina in an online dating site in 2017. He then visited her in the Philippines and promised her a good life in the U.S. He said he would marry her and send her son to school.

Milwaukee Public School teacher forced Filipina and son to clean his filthy house

In November 2018, the Filipina and her son arrived the U.S. But instead of fulfilling his promise, Mothershead did the opposite.

Mothershead’s house is located at 2100 block of South 76th Street in West Allis. It has piles of garbage and spoiled food. When they arrived at the home, he told the two to start cleaning, or they would not be fed, the complaint said.


That night, Mothershead raped the Filipina.

He forced the mother and son to clean his house for weeks. He threatened to take them back to the Philippines or deprive them of food and water if they disobey.

They were also forced to cook meals for Mothershead and his son. His son had a proper room to sleep in while the Filipino boy had a mattress on the floor with no sheets and a blanket.

The victim also said that she and her son were not allowed to sit and eat with Mothershead though they are the ones who prepared the food.

For Thanksgiving, the victim said she and her son cooked an elaborate meal for everyone to enjoy, but Mothershead would not allow the victims to sit with him and his son. He had them sit on a couch and watch as they ate the meal the victims cooked.

Mothershead also refused to take the boy to the hospital when he had a fever.

The Filipina and her son were rescued and taken to a shelter.