Mid-term survey finds President Duterte more popular than ever

mid-term survey

A mid-term survey has found that 80 per cent of Filipinos are happy with President Duterte’s performance — his best result so far.

In its June survey released today (Monday, July 8), Social Weather Stations (SWS) found that Duterte scored +68 in net satisfaction rating. 


This is up from his previous high of +66 recorded in March this year and also in June 2017.

This poll found that 80 per cent were happy with his performance, slightly higher than the 79 per cent recorded in March. Meanwhile, only 12 per cent said they were dissatisfied with nine per cent “undecided”.

The +68 score is classified as “very good” by SWS. The “net satisfaction” rating is arrived at by subtracting the percentage of those dissatisfied from those satisfied.


SWS conducted the survey from June 22 to 26. This fell just a few days before June 30, the midway point of the president’s term of office. 

Despite the “very good” rating, SWS said the president’s satisfaction ratings had actually fallen across the country, with the exception of ‘Balance of Luzon’ [the island minus Metro Manila].

The biggest dip was in Mindanao where his rating fell by seven points — from +88 net satisfaction rating in March to +81 in June. Nonetheless, his rating here remains within the “excellent” range.

There was a three-point drop in Visayas and a two-point drop in Metro Manila but both regions remained within the “very good” range.

These drops were compensated for by a nine-point rise in Balance of Luzon, where his net satisfiaction rating rose from +56 to +65.

The president also managed to maintain his “very good” ratings among all economic classes.

He was particularly strong among ‘Class E Filipinos’ — the nation’s poorest — who gave him a +68 rating, up from +58 in March.

Meanwhile, the country’s wealthiest still gave the president a “very good” rating but there was a fall of 11 points, from +69 to +58. 

The mid-term survey was based on face-to-face interviews with 1,200 adults across the country. 

The survey question was: “Maaari po bang pakisabi ninyo kung gaano kayo nasisiyahan o hindi nasisiyahan sa pagganap ng tungkulin ni RODRIGO DUTERTE bilang Presidente ng Pilipinas. Kayo ba ay lubos na nasisiyahan, medyo nasisiyahan, hindi tiyak kung nasisiyahan o hindi, medyo hindi nasisiyahan, lubos na hindi nasisiyahan, o wala pa kayong narinig o nabasa kahit na kailan tungkol kay RODRIGO DUTERTE?” 

[“Please tell me how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with the performance of RODRIGO DUTERTE as President of the Philippines. Are you very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, undecided if satisfied or dissatisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, very dissatisfied, or you have not ever heard or read anything about RODRIGO DUTERTE?”].

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