Michelle Madrigal had breast implant removal

Actress Michelle Madrigal revealed in her latest vlog that she underwent breast implant removal last December and felt healthier now.

“It’s been six months since I removed these toxic bad boys… I feel perfectly fine,” Michelle said in the video.

Madrigal, who is now a fitness enthusiast, said she hasn’t felt “breast implant illness” symptoms — like chronic fatigue, random sharp chest pains, and unexplainable itchiness on her breast area after the implant removal.

“Even though I was getting like 8-10 of sleep, I will still be tired the next day. And even after taking a nap, I’m always fatigued. I’m not sure what it was, but now I feel more energy. I barely take naps,” she said.

She also shared she used to feel random sharp pains on her chest.

“I would just feel random pain on my chest. At night, I would wake up and feel like someone’s stabbing my breast. Super sakit. I don’t feel that anymore since I had my implants removed,” she shared.

Michelle Madrigal also said removing the breast implant improved the condition of her skin too. “My skin has been perfect. When I removed the implants, my skin cleared out. Like I stopped breaking out,” she said.

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She said she decided to have the implants because she felt insecure, and having full breasts was what’s promoted as sexy in the media.

Michelle then realized to “live longer” and healthier with her husband and is more important to she had them removed.

Michelle Madrigal Gaspar, who is better known as Michelle Madrigal-Woolfolk (born November 4, 1987) is a Filipina actress. Known as she was a finalist of ABS-CBN reality talent search, Star Circle Quest. She also has a younger sister named Micaella Madrigal, and her elder sister, Ehra Madrigal, is also an actress.

In 2015, Madrigal returned to ABS-CBN and appeared in Pasión de Amor (based on Pasión de Gavilanes, produced by Telemundo), co-starring Jake Cuenca, Arci Muñoz, Ejay Falcon, Ellen Adarna, Joseph Marco and Coleen Garcia.