Michael Cinco slams Miss Universe Canada team

-based Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco slammed some Miss Universe Canada organization members and even its candidate.

“The gown was sent late by Michael’s team, and when it arrived, none of them fitted,” said Martinez.

Cinco replied to the comment.

First, according to Cinco, the gowns arrived on time. Proof of this is the photos and videos sent of Miss Canada Nova Stevens wearing the gowns a few days before the events.

Secondly, there is no fact that his team is sabotaging Stevens. In fact, Cinco even paid for the pictorial of the candidate in various places in Dubai.

Third, he said that no one cares if he dresses other candidates like Miss Romania, Miss Czech Republic, and Miss Universe Andrea Meza of Mexico in the prelims.

Micheal Cinco revealed that he has been dressing Canadian candidates for three years without pay, and he has not received any thanks from Stevens.

Eventually, he called Stevens’ camp ungrateful and user. He asked them to stop exploiting the kindness and goodness of Filipino designers.

Michael Cinco slams Miss Universe Canada team

“You don’t even pay the courier or any other charges. A SIMPLE THANK YOU NOTE FROM NOVA, YOU AND YOUR TEAM would have sufficed. But you don’t have the grace and decency to do that. YOU ALL ARE UNGRATEFUL, VILE and professional USERS,” the designer said.

Being stuck in the middle of the issue, Stevens spoke up. Although she did not answer issues about the gown, it did express praise to Michael Cinco.

“This really hurts me because I have nothing but love for both parties … I just want you to know that gratitude will never diminish, and I have expressed that gratitude publicly and privately,” said the Canadian beauty queen.

In an interview with Martinez, he insisted on his posts online, but he had a message for Michael Cinco.

“I love you, sorry if I hurt you. Those were really mean words, like really mean. And hopefully we can mend this,” he said.

Aside from Cinco, another Filipino fashion designer, Rian Fernandez, also had a bad experience with Miss Canada’s team, which happened in 2018.

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