Meyah Amatorio’s nephew found dead few meters where Jang Lucero was killed

The nephew of , who was also abducted with her, was found dead Thursday night a few meters away from where Laguna lady driver was killed.

Meyah Amatorio girlfriend Jang Lucero nephew dead
Image from Brigada News

Armed men forcibly took Adrian Ramos and Meyah at their compound in Bay, Laguna, on Wednesday afternoon. Ramos was found dead with his hands tied and eyes blindfolded.

John Consulta reported on GMA News “24 Oras” on Thursday that the body of Adrian Ramos was found in Calamba, a few meters away from where the body of Jang Lucero, the female driver who was stabbed 52 times inside her vehicle was discovered last month.

Jang Lucero was Meyah Amatorio’s girlfriend.

According to the report, Ramos sustained stab wounds, a broken nose, and a coiled wire around his neck, an indication that the victim was tortured before being killed.

On his corpse, there was cardboard left, and it was written: “mamamatay tao, pusher at hoodlum ako, huwag tularan (I am a murderer, pusher and hoodlum, do not imitate).”

“Mas malimit kasi ang nakukuha dito, tinatapon na lang kaysa dito pinapatay o dito ginagawa ang krimen, hindi dito,” said Mario Molino,watchman of Brgy. Maunong.

(We often get here those who were just thrown here than those who were killed or committed a crime here.)

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Relatives identified Ramos’ body due to his limp on his right foot due to an accident.

Police have not yet gathered information on where Amatorio is.

Amatorio’s lawyer also did not give another statement due to fear of  Meyah’s security.

Dolores Amatorio, Meyah’s mother, appealed to President Duterte on Wednesday.

“Mr. President parang awa mo na naiipit na ang anako ko na pinagbibintang kay Jang Lucero. Wala siyang kasalanan. Pati ang aking apo, inosenteng inosente sila,” said Dolores.

(Mr. President, I beg you. My daughter is being accused of what happened to Jang Lucero. She is not at fault. Even my grandson, they are innocent.)

The NBI Laguna District Office has not yet issued a new statement as they were still in the middle of the investigation.

The Laguna Police Provincial Office assured that they are continuing their efforts to find Amatorio and identify the culprits behind the abduction.