Metro Manila residents can now exchange garbage for groceries

This Thursday, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority launched a project where residents can exchange their garbage for grocery items.

The Mobile Materials Recovery Facility aims to address the garbage problem in Metro Manila, which can allegedly cause flooding this rainy season.

Under the project, Metro Manila residents can exchange their garbage, such as bottles and newspapers, for essential goods such as canned goods, rice, and noodles.

It is said that the barangay personnel themselves will go from house to house and convert the garbage they will give into points, which will be used to sell the products.

He said the barangay would set a schedule for exchanging garbage and have a passbook of grocery points to be given to residents.

According to MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos, the project is timely especially given the huge threat of during the rainy season.

He said the MMDA is talking to junk shop owners throughout Manila so that barangays can go directly there to dispose of recyclable materials.

The barangay will use the money raised from the junk shops to buy grocery items.

Metro Manila residents can now exchange garbage for groceries

According to Abalos, his agency talks with 3 large privately-owned landfills in Metro Manila to study the waste-to-energy system.

The MMDA will also hold seminars to teach proper composting to help local governments’ waste management.

In April, a barangay in  City also launched a similar program called  “community palit-basura.”

According to some residents, they helped collect the plastics, so even the aid will be shared.

“Ginupit gupit po namin, sa mga kapitbahay pinagugupit na rin namin para makaipon… ‘yong kapitbahay namin binibigyan ko rin ng mga gulay,” said resident Michelle Perla.

According to barangay chief Carlito Cernal, the project aims to reduce the accumulated garbage from Addition Hills in Mandaluyong with an incentive for residents.

The barangay estimates that thousands of tons of plastic are thrown at them, especially since they are the largest barangay in the city.

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