‘Mentally ill’ man stabs wife, two children in Tondo

A man, who is reportedly mentally ill, stabbed his wife and two children while they were sleeping at their residence at Barangay 145 in Tondo, Manila, Monday (May 11).

According to the police reports, the suspect, 41, and his wife, 35, were both jobless, Their two young daughters are aged eight and 12.

Investigation revealed that the victims were sleeping at around 1:55 am when the suspect attacked and stabbed them with a hard and large object.

The older sister of the suspect who was living with the family managed to call for help from the barangay officials, who arrested the suspect.

The sister told the Tondo police that the suspect is mentally ill and is under medication. She said his condition worsened when the enhanced community was implemented.

The wife and the two children were first rushed to Tondo Medical Center and later transferred to Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center for treatment.

Authorities said with his cousin’s consent, the police will temporarily confine the suspect in a psychiatric hospital until the victims recover and can give a statement on the incident.

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9-year-old girl killed in Camarines Sur

A 9-year-old girl was found murdered allegedly by her stepfather in Del Gallego, Camarines Sur, Saturday.

The victim’s mother and the stepfather argued before the child went missing Wednesday, according to police. The suspect also threatened his partner that she would regret if she will not return home within half an hour.

The stepfather was the last person seen with the child before she disappeared, investigators added.

Three days later, hunters in the outlying part of Barangay Mansalaya found the child’s body. She was already in the stage of decomposition, so the medico-legal ordered to burry the victim immediately.

It is still unclear whether the child was raped and how the child was killed.

A witness surfaced and said he saw the child’s stepfather gathering bamboo sticks in the area where the victim was found.

Residents beat the suspect whose hands and feet are tied when arrested by the authorities. He was already charged with murder.