Mentally ill Filipino shot dead by San Diego police, family wants full investigation

San Diego police shot filipino
San Diego police shot a mentally ill who threw a brick at her 70-year-old aunt last August. (Image from USA)

San Diego police shot a mentally ill man who threw a brick at her aunt in the El Cerrito area. The Filipino’s family demand a full investigation on why the police resorted to shooting instead of less-lethal force to stop him.

The was identified as Dennis Carolino, 53 years old, and a person with mental disability.

According to reports, the police officers received a call from a 70-year-old woman in the El Cerrito area. The elderly complained Carolino, who lived with her, threw a brick at her.

When the San Diego police arrived at the scene, they learned that Carolino struck her aunt in the chest with a brick. He also reportedly threw a brick at the elderly’s head.

Witnesses said Carolino advanced on the police officers while swinging a shovel when they tried to him at the home’s backyard. The police ordered Carolino to drop his weapon, but Carolino allegedly refused to do so.

“He continued quickly advancing on the officers while swinging the shovel, prompting one officer to fire his Taser, while the second officer fired his service weapon,” San Diego police said in a statement.

The police shot Carolino at least once before they called for paramedics and administered first aid. However, Carolino died despite San Diego Fire-Rescue and police officers’ efforts to save him.

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