Mental hospital in CamSur under lockdown

A mental health facility in Pili town, Camarines Sur, was subjected to total lockdown after 15 patients and 1 health worker tested positive for -19.

Patients from the male ward were isolated inside the Don Suzano J. Rodriguez Memorial Mental Hospital, while the healthcare worker was in home quarantine, according to Dr. Joey Rañola, infectious disease specialist of Bicol Medical Center.

Three more health workers are waiting for results.

The infection was reportedly discovered inside the mental hospital when a male patient developed a fever and was immediately separated from other patients in the male ward and subjected to an RT-PCR test.

The mental hospital has a bed capacity of only 200, and no relatives of the 250 patients have visited since the beginning of the pandemic last year.

Rañola believes that the virus began in the out-patient service after more than a year of mental hospital care to prevent the disease.

The 16 -19 patients ranged in age from 20 to 50 years old, and all were experiencing mild symptoms, he added.

Rañola clarified that the mental illness would not worsen their condition.

Mental hospital in CamSur under lockdown

Despite the total lockdown, the outpatient service’s online consultation continued at the hospital’s hotline at 0961-0376820.

Meanwhile, Milaor, Camarines Sur Mayor Anthony ‘Labas’ Reyes did not feel any fear or suspicion after being vaccinated in the buttocks with his 1st dose of CoViD-19 vaccine.

“Sa pagkakaalam ko, ako ang pinaka unang Mayor na naturukan ng -19 vaccine sa puwet,” said Reyes.

According to Reyes, the nurse herself said that he could not be injected in the arm because he had a tattoo.

He said he did not feel any side effects after being vaccinated. Reyes was among 108 individuals vaccinated with the vaccine.

DOH Camarines Sur Officer Dr. Rey Millena first told BNFM Naga that there is no problem with injecting in the buttocks. He said it is only customary in the arm because it is easier.

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