Two men steal Siberian Husky, then try to sell it back to owner on Facebook


Siberian Husky

Two men are facing theft charges after stealing a Siberian Husky in El Rio, Davao City this week.


The men took the dog and listed it for sale on a Facebook page for 18,000 pesos.

Unknown to the men, the owner of the dog, David John Delosa Buano, filed a report at San Pedro police station saying that his dog was missing.

Just before filing the formal complaint, Buano told police that he saw his dog in a photo on Facebook where the men were attempting to sell it.


Buano noted that he recognised the man in the photographs as a person who was lurking in his neighborhood the night his dog went missing.

Buano and police set up an entrapment where Buano called the men saying he was interested in purchasing the dog.

The men and Buano met at the old airport in SaSa where the police promptly arrested 28-year-old John Bryan Tipon Gallano and 28-year-old Jeffrey Rizaldo Manalang.

Buano positively identified the dog as his own.

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