Alleged member of Dawlah Islamiyah killed in Maguindanao

An alleged member of the Dawlah Islamiyah group was killed. At the same time, 2 of his comrades were arrested after an encounter with soldiers in Shariff Saydona Mustapha, Maguindanao, on Saturday, according to the .

A soldier was also wounded in the clash, the 33rd Infantry Battalion (IB) of the Philippine Army said in a statement.

According to Lt. Col. Benjamin Cadiente, commanding officer of the 33rd IB, government troops went to Barangay Nabundas around 8 a.m. after receiving reports that there were terrorists there.

The suspected terrorists allegedly fired at the soldiers, so there was an encounter, said Cadiente.

Seized from the Dawlah Islamiyah members were an M114 rifle and 2 improvised explosive devices.

Barangay Nabundas officials handed over the remains of the victim while the 2 detainees were in police custody, who will face charges, according to the 33rd IB.

Maj Gen Juvymax Uy, commander of the Joint Task Force Central and 6th Infantry Division, stressed that the government is open and ready to receive rebels who want to surrender and change their lives.

Alleged member of Dawlah Islamiyah killed in Maguindanao

Dawlah Islamiya was founded in 2012 by brothers Abdullah Maute and Omar Maute, who were described by a source as “petty criminals” at the time.

Meanwhile, authorities on Saturday in Jolo, , arrested the wife of a sub-leader of the Abu Sayyaf Group.

According to the Joint Task Force Sulu report, they caught the wife of ASG sub-commander Mundi Sawadjaan when they raided a house in Barangay Bus-Bus, where 2 grenades, 2 bottles of ammonium nitrate fuel oil, 2 pieces of detonating oil, and a safety fuse were confiscated.

The operation was launched after the authorities received a report that Sawadjaan was in the area.

 Authorities also found 4 children at home, who were taken to the Ministry of Social Services and Development.

The woman is in the custody of the Jolo Municipal Police Station, who will face charges of violating the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020.

Sawadjaan is known for making explosives for the ASG and is said to be behind the twin explosions in Jolo in August 2020, which killed at least 15 people.

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