How To Become a Medical Receptionist


Being a medical receptionist is a demanding job. It includes assisting patients and visitors, as well as making sure the hospital environment is friendly. Additionally, you will have to get used to the phone ringing – a lot. 

As an MR you will have a lot of duties and responsibilities, but it is a well-paid job that doesn’t require a lot of qualifications.


We will try to explain what you need and how to get hired. 

How To Become a Medical Receptionist

What Is a Medical Receptionist?

A medical receptionist is usually the first person that you will meet once you enter the hospital. 

Whether that is in the form of the patient or a visitor, the MR is there to give further instructions on where to go, as well as whether you should wait in a line for a certain examination.


This is just one part of the job description for a medical receptionist. The other part consists of answering the telephone, filling out forms, and making sure that the workplace is all set and in order. 

This means that, as a Medical Receptionist, you will need to be ready for a lot of multitasking and jobs that involve administration, bookkeeping, and other responsibilities you wouldn’t usually relate to MR.

Apart from the support that is provided to the patients, as an MR you will also need to process the payments. Also, you will see new check-in examinations depending on the physician’s 


The usual job titles of a Medical Receptionist usually include terms, such as Hospital, Assistant, Part-Time, etc.

Payscale/Salary Info

It is a fact that a Medical Receptionist may not be paid as well as a database administrator. However, that doesn’t mean that you will not be earning a large sum of money. 

While the salary depends on the state you are looking at, as well as a particular hospital, you should keep in mind that the average is set around $29,000 annually.

In most cases, an MR earns around $14 per hour, which is set to the aforementioned at a 40-hour weekly work shift average. Of course, with more practical experience, chances are you may earn a better amount of money after applying for the job. 

However, considering the fact that, for this job position, you don’t need much more than a high school diploma/GED this is fair earning. 

Who Is Eligible?

In order to apply for a Medical Receptionist, you need to have a certain education, as well as comply with a number of other requirements. Most companies ask for a high school diploma, or even better, an Associate’s Degree

Also, in most cases, practical experience is asked for, which can be both in administration and medical assisting. Additionally, as a potential Medical Receptionist, you need to be familiar with EW and profound with Microsoft Office

Lastly, you will be asked how well you handle a fast-paced environment, and you will be tested on your communication skills. 

Thus, although it seems that you need to handle stress well and always be calm and helpful, it is not as hard once you are actually in the environment.

How To Apply

A couple of years ago, the application process for becoming a Medical Receptionist was done by going in person to your potential workplace. Today, things are much easier, as most of the work is done in an online form.

Thus, by logging to a website, such as Indeed, you will come across a plethora of job offers related to Medical Receptionists. 

Once you find the one that suits you, there will be an option to either contact them via email with your resume or fill out an online form.

Benefits You Can Get With the Job

In this aspect, opting to become a Medical Receptionist is quite good. You get your food and drinks paid for during your shift, but also because you will be eligible for paid vacations, as well as healthcare benefits. 

How To Become a Medical Receptionist


Are you someone who enjoys working with people and wants to help the US healthcare system be more efficient? If so, a Medical Receptionist seems like the adequate job position

We did our best to highlight the qualifications, as well as the average pay scale and benefits related to it. Now, it is your turn to do further research and apply!