Remote Medical Billing and Coding Jobs You Can Get Today

The career of a medical billing and coding receptionist is something that more and more people are deciding to pursue. 

This is a fast-paced job that plays a vital role in the smooth operation of our healthcare system.

There are numerous healthcare departments and hospitals that are always in search of people willing to do this job. Thus, we have prepared some crucial information for you, as well as the best ways to apply.  

Remote Medical Billing and Coding Jobs You Can Get Today

Where To Get Jobs In Remote Medical Billing and Coding

As a medical billing receptionist, you will be responsible for communicating with patients, the insurance company, and those providing healthcare. 

Among your most important duties is going through each diagnosis and treatment, documenting it with an adequate code. 

Also, you will keep track of patients’ visits, as well as maintain the security of important information. Furthermore, you will use codes to bill insurance companies. You will need to communicate almost every action to the physicians and assistants.

The most common places to as a medical billing and coding receptionist are hospitals, nursing homes, home services, and physician’s offices.

owever, in the times that we are living in, more healthcare departments are offering the ability to do this job remotely, which is something that can be to your advantage.

Payscale/Salary Info

Much like with any other job position, how much you will earn depends on the state you live in, as well as the facility you are working for. 

Still, you should expect the average minimum salary to be somewhere around $35,000 annually

That is the sum that we came across for junior medical billing and coding receptionists. 

Roughly $16.40 per hour is quite good, considering the fact that you will have the opportunity to from home. As long as you are familiar with the basics of invoicing and are instructed on the adequate codes for medical records, it shouldn’t be all that hard.

While researching the pay scale, we found that after a couple of years of experience and showing great effort and success, you can expect a pay raise.

Of course, completing relevant programs and getting certificates is going to improve your chances of moving towards the goal of $50,000 on a yearly basis.

Who Is Eligible?

While certain qualifications and requirements vary depending on the facility you will be applying for, you will need to possess at least a high school diploma or a GED. There are people with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree working in this job position, but it usually is not a formal requirement.

In most cases, what will be asked from you is to complete a career-specific program. It varies in duration anywhere from 6 to 18 months depending on the state and the program itself. 

Keep in mind that, during this time, most facilities will allow you to gain experience and as a receptionist. Once you have earned the certificate, you have a much better chance of getting the actual job and a higher salary.

Lastly, to be eligible for this position, you can’t have any sex-related or drug-related convictions. 

How To Apply

In the times that we are living in, applying for a job such as medical billing and coding receptionist can easily be done online. 

Our personal recommendation is that you go through a number of offers and find a job that suits your needs and experience

Once you have found one, contact the company through the online inquiry or form that they have suggested. 

The application usually doesn’t require much more than filling out your personal info and submitting a resume.

Benefits You Can Get With This Job

First and foremost, as a medical coder, you will be able to flexible hours, and you can in different settings. Additionally, it is an in-demand job, which helps your chances of being hired.

When it comes to the benefits that you will be getting from your employer, healthcare packages and insurance are most likely going to be offered. 



Deciding for a career path in medical billing and coding is something that you won’t regret. 

As long as you are able to work in a fast-paced environment and communicate any uncertainties with patients, physicians, and insurance companies, you are going to do great!