Mayor Sara issued Safe Davao QR code system guidelines

On Tuesday, mayor Sara Z. Duterte issued the guidelines for the use of the Safe Davao QR code system starting November 7.

The QR (Quick Response) code system would help the local government contact tracing and enforce the ban on non-essential travel.

said the system must control the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in Davao City. The Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and temporary treatment and monitoring facilities already reached its full occupancy of beds.

In her order, noted the importance of contact tracing in fighting Covid-19.

“With the QR, we can easily trace those people in contact with a positive person in a certain area. Also, the paper and pen contact tracing form, it has compromised the privacy of data and is a potential source of transmission of the virus,” she said in a radio interview.
“Apart from that, there is a proliferation of extortion in text messages where the source is probably the contact tracing forms being filled up in the establishments.”

added that the “Safe Davao QR” or DQR could also serve as a pass to enter and travel inside Davao City.

“If they are from other provinces and work here in the city, they need to secure their DQR. If they only visit the city, they still have to get the DQR,” she said.

Meanwhile, airplane travelers should register for two codes: their QR code for exit from the Davao International Airport, and their DQR, Mayor Sara said.

She added that the QR code is a replacement for the food and medicine (FM) pass used during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

The EO also noted that residents going outside their homes or beyond three meters from their houses (for those without gates) must bring the DQR for non-essential travels.

Mayor Sara issues Safe Davao QR code system guidelines

Aside from the QR code, one should bring the following documents to prove essential travel:

  • valid employee ID (a photocopy may be presented by drivers who drop-off and pick-up the employee);
  • Employer/Principal Certification for those who have no employer-employee relationship;
  • Business Permit or any other document to prove travel is for accessing essential goods and services or for work/ only, as these may be required by personnel;
  • In cases of buying goods or accessing essential services, the original receipt of the items or service shall be accepted.

Mayor Sara said that only the following are authorized to scan the Davao QR code:

  • Task Force Davao (TFD), Davao City Police Office (DCPO)
  • barangay officials and personnel
  • personnel of both private and governments, of event venues, hospitals, hotels, malls, stores, groceries, mini-marts, restaurants, carinderia, palengkes, places of worship, educational institutions and all other offices, establishments and organizations

The DQR registration has been open to the public since October 31.