Mayor orders his city to be cleared of all Muslims due to drug claims

Urdaneta City, Philippines, Muslims living in urdaneta, Muslims ordered to get out of Urdaneta City
Pangasinan Pangasinan Mayor Orders All Muslims to “Get Out” of Urdaneta City –

Mayor Amadeo Gregorio Perez the IV, has ordered the clearing of the city of Urdaneta of all Muslim residents on Monday.

Perez gave the Muslims residing in the city three weeks to ‘get out’ – the Mayor says the city is overrun with and due to the Muslims living there.

Perez made the bold statement during the flag-raising ceremony on Monday – ordering barangay officials and police to enforce the . The city police chief was also told to monitor all hotels and restaurants in the city and report any establishments that were being used for illegal drug activities.

The Mayor also requested that the Sangguniang Panlungsod enact an ordinance stopping Muslims from renting homes or staying in hotels, Inns, resorts and other accommodations throughout the city.

Recently the Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency identified a number of drug-infested villages in the region of Urdaneta City. These include:

  • Poblacion
  • Pinmaludpud
  • Camantiles
  • San Vincente
  • Bayaoas
  • Anonas
  • Dilan Paurido
  • Nancayasan
  • Nancamaliran East
  • Nancamaliran West

Reports Shows an 84% Drug Infestation

A recent police report says that 84 per cent of the more than 5,000 Muslim residents in the villages aged 12 and above are involved with drug peddling and use.

That same report also claimed that crimes, murders, summary executions, robbery and rapes are all related to the same uses and pushers. Perez says that drugs are “sold like candy” by the Muslim pushers in the city.

The mayor has gone as far as telling all apartment and housing owners to serve eviction notices to Muslim tenants – giving them three weeks notice to leave.

Perez said that anyone caught not abiding by his rule will have their business permits cancelled.

Authorities said that Perez’s orders will be difficult to enforce as many Muslims are serving as Barangay officials in the 34 villages throughout the city. The Mayor was also told that more than 3,000 Muslims are registered to vote within the city.

City officials also sent notification that over 400 stalls in the malls and public markets are rented and owned by Muslim businessmen.

Sources within the city limits say that hundreds of Muslims are already packing in fear of major retaliations and killings throughout the region.

Last week, Perez ordered 200 makeshift homes demolished under speculation that the area was a major drug pusher hangout. One of the homes demolished had a tunnel believed to be used by drug dealers and kidnappers.