New Mayor of Manila tells foreigners to ‘behave or face the consequences’

Mayor of Manila
Recently elected Mayor of Manila Isko Moreno speaking at a press conference today.

The newly elected Mayor of Manila has reminded all foreigners visiting or working in the capital to respect its rules or face the consequences.

Speaking at a press conference today (Monday, July 8), Isko Moreno said: “Please, foreigners, immaterial of where you came from, if you go to Manila, you need to follow simple rules.” 


The mayor issued the reminder after hearing reports of a Chinese man who caused a scene after being caught urinating in the street on Saturday night. He allegedly assaulted a Barangay official after being told to stop what he was doing in the Binondo area of the city. 

The mayor added that he would write to the Bureau of Immigration and request his deportation once his identity had been confirmed.

‘You don’t pee in the streets’


“It is a generally accepted rule that you don’t pee in the streets. You will be arrested because that is illegal. If you hit an enforcer, if you attempt to hurt policemen, because you think your country is a superpower, you are not welcome in the city of Manila,” he said.

At his first flag-raising ceremony today, the mayor promised to lead an “active government”. 

His election campaign focussed on cleaning up the city and boosting social services. He has already won praise for clearing operations to decongest some major city roads. 

Boost to tourism

While he has warned foreign visitors to respect the city’s rules, the mayor is also looking to boost tourism, with a focus on local heritage.

In a statement yesterday, tit was announced that officials from the Intramuros Administration (IA) had backed Mayor Moreno’s plans for a “tourism circuit” to link Intramuros with the National Museum, Rizal Park, Binondo and other heritage districts.

The mayor said he also planned to work with the IA to support its “urban regeneration” initiative in Intramuros.

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