Matteo Guidicelli unboxing his PS5 video

Matteo Guidicelli posted a new video that showed him unboxing his new PS5 (PlayStation5). The actor went viral last year for his callous unboxing of his PS4.

Before Matteo Guidecelli began unboxing the PS5, a voice in the background could be heard saying, “Kuya, it’s expensive.”

“Ako bahala,” Matteo answered. The voice followed up, “If it breaks ah you buy a new one ah.”

“I’m sure you guys are expecting for this moment to come,” Matteo said while sitting on a table and chair set by the garden empty-handed.

Matteo then wore his “sexy shades,” and said “something special, bring it down baby bring it down,” then someone throws him the brand new PS5.

“What a catch, what a catch,” he said.

He took his microphone and put it by the opening of the PS5 box, and then he ripped it open.

“ASMR ba tinatawag diyan? Para sa inyo ‘yan,” he said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the PS5!” Matteo added.

Matteo Guidicelli unboxing his PS5 video

Matteo Guidicelli then continued with the unboxing of the PS5 which came with the power supply cable, controller, and the instruction manual, which he later put on the grass floor of the garden.

He then clumsily rolled out the PS5 on the table.

“Sa mga nagko-complain diyan, this table is shock absorbent so the PS5 doesn’t feel any kumabaga shock. Because the table is shock absorbent, it bounces,” he explained.

“So there you have it ladies and gentleman, the beautiful beautiful PS5,” he added.

The actor then notices a stand and tried to put it on the PS5.

He joked his Pao to catch the unboxed PS5 and a freaked out voice was heard in the video saying, “Oh my god, no!”

Matteo Guidicelli was criticized by gaming and PlayStation enthusiast after he carelessly unboxed his PS4 last year. He then admitted that he had no prior experience when it comes to unboxing.

Comedian and PlayStation collector Micheal V. then invited Matteo Guidicelli to do the unboxing of the PS5 with him.