Mary Jane Veloso excluded from Indonesia’s latest execution list

Mary Jane Veloso
Mary Jane Veloso Excluded From Indonesia’s Latest Execution List – (photo via Tribune

Mary Jane Veloso has been excludes from Indonesia’s most recent execution list, the third round list of executions prepared by the Attorney General’s Office.

In a report to – Attorney General Prasetyo said “We respect the legal process that is taking place in the Philippines.

Prasetyo also noted that a third round of executions would take place, but declined to announce the list and date of executions within the country.

The state’s Attorney General also denied all questions relating to the executions that are set to take place.

Amid outrage from human rights groups worldwide, Indonesia executed 14 drug related convicts last year, including those of the Bali Nine.

Mary Jane Veloso was to be executed alongside the Bali 9, due to her conviction as being a drug mule – she was later granted a stay of execution due to the fact that her alleged boss had been arrested in the Philippines and confessed to using Mary Jane as a drug mule for her syndicate.

Prasetyo said that ‘we respect the rights of people facing execution’ and that “If people are saddened by the executions, we are saddened too.”

Several reporters questioned the conviction of Freddy Budiman, who was found guilty of 1.4 million ecstasy pills from China to Indonesia in 2012.

The attorney general said his case is undergoing review, possibly in hopes to find who his supplier is before he is executed at the hands of the Indonesian government.

Mary Jane Veloso was arrested for 2.6 kilograms, or approximately 5.7 pounds of heroin in a suitcase. Throughout her trial, she maintained her innocence, claiming she was duped into carrying the suitcase by her god sister who told her to go to Indonesia after losing a job in Malaysia.

Veloso’s trial ended in her being sentenced to death in 2010, but was spared due to a moratorium on capital punishment at the time. She was then rescheduled to be executed in early 2015 after Joko Widodo won the overall country’s as President of Indonesia.

She was to be executed on April 29, 2015 but was given a stay of execution so she could act as a witness during a trial of her human trafficker – that trial has yet to even be close to coming to any courtroom in the Philippines.

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