Markus Paterson opens about relationship with Janella Salvador


Filipino-British actor and model Markus Paterson broke his silence and opened up about his relationship with actress Janella Salvador.

Paterson admitted in the latest vlog of Kyle Echarri that he and Janella are in a relationship for almost two years now.


“I’ve never been in love the way I am. I’ve never felt the love that she makes me feel. …There is no one or thing that could make me look at another woman the way that I look at her right now,” 22-year-old actor said when asked about Salvador.

“Like, it’s not even fair to my family how much I’m in love with this woman. Because I would put her above anything else. To the vague question why I’m still with her, it is because I couldn’t live without her. That’s as simple as it is,” Paterson said.

In the vlog, Markus Paterson also talked about Salvador’s love team with Joshua Garcia in the hit series “The Killer Bride.”


“What the Philippine public has to understand that actors are humans too. It’s their choice if they want to take the love team to a next level it’s their choice,” Paterson said. “She’s the love of my life and I will never lose her to a fans’ choice.”

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Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador

“I’ve been seeing a lot of this on Twitter, ever since we came out as a couple … There’s a lot of tweets saying that now that we’ve come out all the things that Josh used to say and do with ‘Killer Bride‘ is cringey and it’s like gross and stuff, but you guys got to understand they were in a teleserye together. They’ve got to sell that to the top of their ability. There’s nothing cringey about that. There’s a reason why I didn’t say anything about it because I understood it. Like they’re a love team, right? Which is why it took a year and eight months for us to come out with this relationship because they were love team, it’s a marketing thing, right? I want them to succeed and prosper together because I’m not 10 years old. I want them to succeed, it’s that simple,” Markus Paterson explained.