Marijuana plantation discovered in Candelaria

Marijuana plantation discovered in Candelaria
Marijuana plantation discovered in Candelaria, Quezon, on Tuesday. (Image from The City Paper Bogotá)

Police found a plantation on a in Candelaria, Quezon, on Tuesday morning.

Quezon police chief Col. Audie Madrideo said the authorities received a report of such backyard plantation in the province in July. It was only on Monday that they found out its exact location in Barangay Malanbanan Norte with the help of an informant.

Authorities uprooted around 68 plants which were hidden along with other plants. Some dried leaves of the illegal plant were also seized.

Police only found a mother and child caretaker in the marijuana plantation.

The caretakers said the owner only go there to harvest the marijuana plants. They said they did not know that the farm owner’s brother planted marijuana there.

The mother said the owner cooks the marijuana to get cannabis oil which was allegedly used as medicine. She also said that the owner would soak the pot in “lambanog” or Philippines Coconut Wine to extract the oil.

Madrideo said they do not know yet where the suspect supplies or use the cannabis oil.

He also said the caretakers could face criminal charges if they do not cooperate to be witnesses.

Authorities already identified the owner of the marijuana plantation and will conduct a follow-up operation to arrest the suspect.

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