Ex-ambassador Marichu Mauro says ‘dismissal too harsh’

The former Philippine ambassador to Brazil was upset after confirmed her termination after she was caught on abusing her Filipina household worker.

On Monday, announced that the termination of Marichu Mauro had been approved a few months after footage of her repeatedly beating the Pinay helper at her diplomatic residence in Brazil went viral.

Mauro said she did not think the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) investigation would end like that.

“I chose instead to keep silent simply because I trusted the DFA system to follow the prescribed procedures in investigating what really happened,” she said in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

She added that she allegedly felt betrayed by the institution she served.

“They did not follow the prescribed rules to uphold my right to due process.”

Mauro insisted that the full context of the video that spread after it was released by Globo News of Brazil was not shown.

“Nakita piningot ko ang tainga… Hindi nila nakikita ‘yung family context no’n eh,” said Marichu Mauro.

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Ex-ambassador Marichu Mauro says ‘dismissal too harsh’

The DFA Hearing Panel allegedly ignored the evidence laid by Mauro and the circumstances behind the incidents.

“During those times, I was under tremendous stress because of the COVID lockdown. Maybe I was a victim of anxiety and stress brought by the lockdown… ‘Yung video, hindi naman pinakita before it happened and after it happened,” Mauro explained.

Mauro now intends to file a case as well.

“My lawyers may bring this to court for the court to see the video. But it was tampered. And I believe dismissal is too harsh,” said the former ambassador.

Mauro apologized to the maid whom she considered family.

“I regret the incident and the shame that it has brought… I am deeply remorseful.”

In an exclusive interview, household worker alias “Amy” said she was grateful for Duterte’s decision.

According to Amy, Marichu Mauro called and apologized to her.

She also has no plans to sue the former boss.


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