Manny Pacquiao says he’s retiring… from singing

Manny Pacquiao Says “He is Retiring” – From Singing That Is! –

Well Folks it’s official – Manny Pacauiao has announced his career is over – he is hanging his hat and going into retirement.

Well not exactly his boxing career but Manny has decided to hang up his hat in singing. “I love music, but I don’t think music loves me,” Pacquiao said.

Manny, the only eight-division World Champion in boxing history noted his retirement as he promotes his documentary entitled Manny in Hollywood. 

Manny is a documentary showing Pacquiao’s rise to unparalleled stardom, with “Taken” star Liam Neeson narrating the film.

It was heartbreaking, for Pacquiao, at least, whose first album reached platinum status -“I stopped singing,” Pacquiao said. “I like singing, I love music.”