Manila jail city riot: 2 dead, 32 injured


Two prisoners were killed while 32 others were injured after Manila City Jail riot on Sunday.

Authorities identified the fatalities as Lito Escala, 39, and Alvin Royo, 37.


Of the 34 injured in the riot, 9, including the two who died, were rushed to Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center while others were treated at the jail’s infirmary unit.

According to jail spokesman Jail Senior Inspector Jayrex Bustinera, the riot happened around 6:30 a.m. at Dorm 11 and 12 in the jail. Members of the Batang City Jail and Sputnik Gang started the said brawl.

As per Bustinera and the Manila Police District (MPD) Homicide Division’s investigation, the Manila jail city riot started when members of the two gangs sideswiped each other.


The gang members did not use any weapon during the riot. The fistfight only lasted for 10 minutes since the Bureau of Jail Management, and Penology (BJMP) came to break the fight.

Others who were not involved in the riot returned to their cells, and their lunch service was also delayed.

MCJ J / Inspector Nelmar Malemata said they noticed that the inmates’ had become hot-headed since the controversial Good Conduct Time Allowance (CGCTA) erupted and the release of some was delayed.

There were already persons of interest related to the incident, according to Bustinera.

The Manila City Jail has confirmed that there will be an in-depth investigation into the crash.

Since Sunday, the jail has been locked down, and visitors were temporarily banned from entering the Manila city jail. Also, inmates were not allowed to go out of their cells.

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