People crowd at Manila inoculation site for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

The vaccination site in Manila where against COVID-19 will be given to residents was flooded this Tuesday.

Many lined up early in the morning, and some arrived, but there are no more vaccines left.

One of them is resident Kenneth Guda, who, according to his Facebook post, received a text message from the vaccination program around 10 pm on Monday for the vaccine.

According to Guda, the number of people in line when he arrived at the vaccination site at the Manila Prince Hotel this Tuesday was beyond the number of slots that can be given.

He added that as early as 11 pm on Monday, many people were already queuing in the area. Authorities gave out the numbers for the slots around 3 a.m. Tuesday.

“10pm last night, Manila’s vaccination program texted me (and, apparently, many others) to invite me to be vaccinated with Pfizer. The site was to open at 6am. I got there at 7am; they did not accept any more,” said Guda in his Facebook post.

People crowd at Manila inoculation site for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

“The cop manning the lines said people started lining up at 11pm (they wanted people to come as soon as they texted?). They began giving numbers at 3am. The 900 slots they alloted were quickly filled up,” he added.

“When I arrived, there appeared to be more people outside the line than those lining up. Apparently, they texted thousands of people, most of whom showed up only to be turned back because only 900 doses were available.”

The situation in the first part of the queue is good. This is the first time such a vaccine has been given to non- in Manila.

According to the Manila LGU, there are 18 Sinovac vaccination sites today, but there are not many queues, unlike the Pfizer site.

They encourage the public to get vaccinated with the available brand.

Local reminder that all vaccine brands are safe.

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