Manila engineer arrested for bullets in luggage at Davao Airport



davao airport
Manila Engineer Arrested For Bullets in Luggage and Davao International Airport, Davao City –

Once again two bullets have been found in the luggage of a passenger travelling in the Philippines.


This time an engineer from Manila was stopped at Davao International Airport in Davao City for having two 9mm live bullets in his luggage.

Augusto Dagan, an engineer from JV Angeles Construction Corp. was returning to Manila when he was arrested by airport security on Friday morning.

Dagan was in Davao to attend to a water project – the bullet was discovered during the initial X-ray when he entered the complex.


“Our X-ray operator saw the bullets and waited for the owner to pick up the luggage, which turned out to be Dagan,” security said.

Augusto Dagan was released the same day after posting a 120,000 peso bail – he denied having carried the bullets

The case of Dagan makes the 4th time this week that someone was caught with bullets or live ammunition in their luggage – the other three cases were arrested at NAIA in Manila. 

Many overseas workers and citizens of the Philippines are up in arms, threatening boycotts and demanding answers.

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