Manila COVID-19 walk-in testing centers open for nonresidents – Mayor Isko

Mayor Isko Moreno announced the -19 walk-in testing centers of Manila would be open for nonresidents also for free.

Moreno said Manila would be a “good neighbor” to nearby communities as they opened the city’s second walk-in testing center at the Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center in Tondo last Thursday.

“I want you to be proud as a ‘Batang Maynila’ that you are a good neighbor,” Moreno said, speaking partly in Filipino. “Although we’re handicapped, suffering, we still have the opportunity to be good neighbors to nearby communities.”

Moreno added that the city would continue to find resources to sustain Manila’s mass testing operations as an early diagnosis was a key to stop the spread of .

“Being good is to spread caring for others, especially during a pandemic. For as long as we are able, we will not stop. For as long as there’s COVID-19, we will not stop,” he said.

Around 2,100 residents from Manila already recovered from the disease, while 188 have died.

The Manila Mayor pointed out that the city was taking an “inclusive approach” in its response to the pandemic .”

“It has to be confronted universally,” he said. “Together, the people, the government, will work hand-in-hand to confront COVID-19.”

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Manila COVID-19 walk-in testing centers open for nonresidents

On July 21, the city reported 673 persons tested positive of COVID-19 in at the drive-thru testing center at the Quirino Grandstand.

“The center is the second drive-thru testing site opened by the Manila City government this week. The first one was launched at the Andres Bonifacio Monument,” the report said.

“Manila Health Department (MHD) data showed 586 of those who got tested only wanted “peace of mind.” Only 46 reported that they were exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case, while 12 said they had COVID-19 symptoms,” it added.

More walk-in testing centers will be opened in the following hospitals: Ospital ng Tondo, Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital, and Ospital ng Maynila, the local government of Manila said.

The city is using COVID-19 serology testing machines from American healthcare firm Abbott that has an accuracy of 99.6% for specificity and 100% for sensitivity.